Using the Reflective Strategy and the Game Theory Perspective During the Patient Complaint Process

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This study aims to investigate health care professionals' reflections on patient complaints in a specialized medical care organization. Studies on health care and medical education have shown that more research on triggering situations is needed to examine these reflections. In this study, the professionals' responses are evaluated using reflection theory and its strategies from a game theory perspective. The data from the cross-sectional study were analyzed using qualitative data analysis and quantitative statistical methods (N=245). Four types of patient complaints were analyzed: malpractice, communication, information, and procedures. They were evaluated as reflective targets and strategies that could be used to solve patient complaints. Information plays a central role in the choice of strategies. The results of this study may benefit the development and implementation of gamification strategies for the patient complaint process. Further research on patient complaints is needed to investigate the factors that impact the health care professionals' responses.
Sivut 53-56
Julkaisu International journal of innovation in the digital economy
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TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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