No more whining – natural smart textile.

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Today, we are exposed to several thousands of chemicals via e.g. our living environment, cosmetics, textiles, clothing, drugs, and food. Most of the chemicals used in the textile and clothing production are harmful or dangerous to humans and nature. Harmful synthetic chemicals are applied in textiles especially during the finishing procedures e.g. to prevent mold growth in textiles. Natural, non-toxic substances used in textiles and clothing, are needed.

F.BAD-project is an innovative combination of natural sciences, technology and textile design. Material applications of natural materials and non-toxic plant-based active ingredients will be combined with textiles. The promising preforms will be conceived and prototyped to combine organic active ingredients and materials solutions. The research generates information applicable in global context: antimicrobial activity, especially antifungal activity, insect repellent properties, and UV-shielding and/or color anti-fading properties in textiles.

Keywords: Harmful chemicals, Safe plant-derived substances, Interdisciplinary research, Business actions.
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TilaJulkaistu - 2020
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