Management Game: Gamifying leadership learning

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Digital disruption and continuous productivity improvement require more from people management, thus raising the bar for leadership competencies. International studies indicate that leadership competence gaps are large and traditional leadership training methods does not seem to solve this problem. This article's findings supports this situation. The authors will open the complexity behind organizational productivity development and present game theoretical architecture that simulates management behavior effects to human performance. New methods enable practice-based learning that enables formatting leaders' behavior so that it will create long-term success with continuous change. The authors will present gamified leadership training procedure and discuss the practical learning experiences from a management simulation game. The authors' study reveals challenges at interactive leadership skills, thus, it is argued, that there seems to be problems at the leadership mind-set. Therefore, more sophisticated learning methods and tools should be used.
Julkaisu International journal of innovation in the digital economy
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TilaJulkaistu - toukokuuta 2019
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