Cosmology and practices of the European Union

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  • Samuli Hurri


This article experiments with a small number of theoretical notions deriving from Michel Foucault’s analytic of power. The European Union is presented as a strategic field of power relations between a number of regimes of practices. Interacting in that field will be the political regime, juridical regime, economic regime and security regime. Interaction is constituted by what Foucault calls the logic of strategy. The idea is to present the ongoing structural rearranging of the relations between the regimes as a process of perpetual transformation, something reminiscent of the Classical Chinese notion of the Dao. The article suggests that the type of knowledge implied by this notion amounts to a sort of political cosmology.
Artikkelin numero7
JulkaisuNo Foundations: an Interdisciplinary Journal of Law and Justice
TilaJulkaistu - 2019
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