Cooperation in the Area of Climate Change mitigation in the Barents region

Projekti: Henkilökohtainen projekti


  • Lapin yliopisto
  • County Council of Norrbotten (johto)
  • Ympäristöministeriö
  • The International Barents Secretariat
  • Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Environmental Investment Centre (EIC), Arkhangelsk, Russia
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Timber Industry Complex of the Arkhangelsk Region

Projektin kuvaus julkisessa portaalissa

Preparatory project to make an application where the main objective is to determine the overall potential, opportunities and the main areas for Climate Change Mitigation in the Barents Region.
Todellinen alku/loppupvm01.07.201630.09.2017

ID: 1923893