Stories from Places

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Ásthildur Jónsdóttir - Puhuja

Maria Huhmarniemi - Puhuja

The aim of the workshop is to reveal new depths of ones experience of being in nature. In the work we will engage the participants to tell stories about places through natural material and handcraft-based methods. The storytelling has the potential of reactivating the memory of the places as the participants make connections between natural element that are presented in the stories and have significant meaning to them. Scent of a place is a work that requires participation on many levels, both through the creation process and throughout the conference because it offers continues interaction with the work.
The workshop setting/ dialogue should have the potential for the participants of to revisit everyday aesthetics based on memories. Reactivating memories encourages creative thinking, engaging the participants in the thinking routine: see/think/wonder. The dialogical setting aims to encourage participants to revisit their attitudes towards the actions that determine the quality of life and the state of the world for better or worse.
The workhops is part of the Arctic Handmade project funded by the Nordic Culture Fund.
18 elokuuta 2018

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Teoksen nimiInSEA 2018: Interventions
Lyhenne Teoksen nimiInSEA 2018 Europe
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SijaintiAalto university, Otaniemi Campus
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