Making Kin with Waste

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Veera Kinnunen - Puhuja

The last century has been marked by compulsions for hygiene, purity, and control. This obsession has saved human lives but, consequently, has resulted in eradication of species and introduction of new chronic diseases and pathologies. These unexpected developments have sparked an interest in the introduction of formerly taboo entities, such as bacteria and other microbial life forms back to our bodies, homes, and environments. In the wake of the “probiotic turn” (Lorimer 2017) the waste management practices have begun to diversify. In this paper, Kinnunen explores the Bokashi method as an emerging, “probiotic” waste practice. Increasingly popular Bokashi composting is a method of treating organic wastes by fermenting them with the help of microbes. Drawing from her ongoing multi-sited and multispecies ethnography within Bokashi collectives, Kinnunen explores the onto-ethico-political potential of Bokashi. Kinnunen proposes that Bokashi as a practice forms a naturecultural contact zone in which new ethical relations and forms of coexistence with matter emerge.
23 toukokuuta 2019

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Lyhenne Teoksen nimiNora 2019
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