1. A clear path of learning-Ethnic groups pupils in school path transition

    Paksuniemi, M., Körkkö, M., Niemisalo, S. & Rahko-Ravantti, R.

    Euroopan sosiaalirahasto ESR / European Social Fund ESF


    Project: Co-funded project

  2. Indigenous Peoples and Resource Extraction in the Arctic – Evaluating Ethical Guidelines

    Stammler, F.

    Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


    Project: Personal project

  3. OPRA: Oil Production networks in the Russian Arctic: societal impacts and potential for partnership

    Nysten-Haarala, S., Tysiachniouk, M., Tulaeva, S., Pappila, M. & Matilainen, A.

    Academy of Finland


    Project: Co-funded project

  4. Start-up incubators supporting local smart specialisation in rural and remote communities

    Suopajärvi, L.

    Euroopan komissio / European Commission


    Project: Co-funded project

  5. SUMILCERE: Sustainable Mining, local communities and environmental regulation in Kolartic area

    Hossain, K., Helenius, H., Suikkanen, A., Taavo, P., Suopajärvi, L. & Petretei, A.

    Euroopan komissio / European Commission


    Project: Co-funded project