Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit 2017

Project: Co-funded project

  • Heikkilä, Markku (Principal Investigator)
  • Raja-Hanhela, Anne, (Collaborative Investigator)
  • Junes, Rita , (Other)

Description in the public portal

Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit 2017 provides the most important Arctic forum in Finland 2017, at the beginning of the Finland's chairmanship of the Arctic Council. It is also held only a few weeks before Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence.
Short titleRovaniemi Arctic Spirit - Arktisuuden hy
Effective start/end date01.03.201631.05.2019


  • Rovaniemi city: €25,495.00
  • Euroopan aluekehitysrahasto EAKR/ European Regional Development Fund ERDF: €318,688.00

ID: 623790