Tomi Tuominen

University Lecturer in Law

Field of science

Research interests

I defended my doctoral dissertation “The European Constitution and the Eurozone Crisis: A Critique of European Constitutional Pluralism” in November 2017. In the study, I sought to combine two topical discussions in European constitutionalism: the substantive discussion on the Eurozone crisis and the theoretical discussion on constitutional pluralism. My main argument was, that differences in the Member States’ constitutions result in their courts and constitutions being able to interact with the European Court of Justice and the EU’s constitutional order to a varying degree. In other words, that some national courts are better placed to engage in this European level constitutional discourse. I called this the inequality thesis. It questions the very heart of the constitutional pluralists’ argument, according to which the interaction between the national courts and the ECJ creates more legitimacy. I am currently working on a book proposal for an international academic publisher based on my dissertation.

My current work focuses on general issues of comparative constitutional law and European constitutionalism. For example, I am interested in how national constitutions affect the interface between law and politics in the EU context. This comparative research focuses on judicial (constitutional) review mechanisms of the Member States vis-à-vis EU law. I am also further developing some of the ideas put forth in my dissertation regarding the methodology of EU law. Here, I am especially interested in trying to bridge the gap between EU legal studies and comparative legal studies; after all, isn’t EU law inherently comparative law, so shouldn’t EU legal studies be similar to comparative legal studies?

My work has been published in top journals such as the Common Market Law Review and the European Law Review. I have delivered expert opinions to the Finnish Parliament’s Constitutional Law Committee on issues related to the development of the Economic and Monetary Union.

I am available for consultations and interviews relating to the Economic and Monetary Union, constitutional aspects of EU law, and the effects of EU membership on the Finnish Constitution.

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