Tomi Knuutila

Lecturer in Digital Media

Field of science


  • media science, interaction design, spatial media, physical computing, User interface design, user experience design, animation, new media, media art, multimedia

Research interests

My PhD research center's around the concept of simplicity and how it appears in interactive art and interaction design, thought as a filed encompassing physical and spatial design, data and software design, audio and visual design. Simplicity is often talked about but rarely described, I have contructed it from various smaller entities. The research is practice-based, with interactive art works as reflection: how does simplicity manifest in my own and others' art work. 

Other fields of interest: spatial interaction design, alternative game design, physical computing and prototyping.

Teaching interests

My main job is to teach as a lecturer in the Audiovisual Media Culture program our Media Science major subject, and the Multimedia and Moving Image minor subjects. During my lecturership I was also in charge of a master program in Ubiquitous Computing and Media Design (UBIQ), for which I was in charge of designing the curriculum, teaching most of the classes, and managing student issues more or less by myself alone. I have coordinated the DAMA network where Media and Dance students work together, and currently co-coordinate a UArctic network on Digital Media and Media Arts. Besides Finland I have taught (lectures and / or workshops) in Norway, Canada, Argentina, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark and Estonia. My teaching interests include but are not limited to: Animation, Physical Computing, Interaction Design, Spatial Media, Microprocessors and sensor based interaction, History (and future) of New Media.

ID: 320234