Susanna Pääkkölä

Visiting researcher, M.Sc.

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Title of Dissertation: Thermal responses and safety in winter tourism services provided by reindeer herders

 Acting in the cold environment is always challenging and expose for many risks. Effects of cold temperature should carefully be taken into consideration when developing safe winter activities, especially when customers have limitations in performance. Information about the risks and problems that exists in the service processes in the cold environment is essential for the service product development. The body can defend against cold by physiological changes and normally maintains the ideal body temperature. Sometimes these mechanisms do not work in a proper manner and the ability to communicate or activate the mechanisms can be limited.

This medical research provides information about the thermoregulatory responses in customers with disabilities, product safety of the touristic outdoor activities produced by the reindeer herders, the working circumstances and the issues affecting to the touristic activity product safety and quality in the cold climate. The research produces information for the service design processes. Physiological information produced in the study can be used in the cold protective garment and equipment development processes.

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