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Rosa Maria Ballardini is an Associate Professor at the University of Lapland, Faculty of Law. She holds a PhD from Hanken School of Economics, Finland (2012), an LLM in IT and IP law from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland (2005) and a law degree from the University of Brescia, Italy (2003). In 2017 Rosa was granted the title of Docent (Docentti) in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Helsinki. Previously – 2008 to 2009- she was a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley/Boalt Hall.

Since 2005 she has researched and thought in the field of IP law at various univeristies. Rosa’s research interests focus on the interface between law (with focus on IP law) and technology. She also investigates issues related to IP law and sustainable development, including social innovation models. She has written extensively especially in the fields of patent and copyright law, open innovation and open source, as well as IP strategies and IP management in various technological contexts (e.g. software, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence and industrial internet). Her research approach is multidisciplinary, combining law, technology, business and policy via using different types of methodologies (e.g. traditional legal research methods, empirical methods and design thinking in legal studies).


Key words: Intellectual propertly law, patent and copyright, software copyright, software patents, open source software, 3D printing and IPRs, Industrial Internet and IPRs, Artificial Intelligence and IPRs, Traditional knolwdge and IPRs, open innovation, co-creation, design thinking and law, case study research method and law

Teaching interests

Courses 2016/2017

- OTMVAL0019A, Guide to IPR

- OTMEVAL0002, Intellectual Property for Business

- ONEVAL0007, Copyright Law

- OTMEVAL0017, Introduction to EU law and EU IP law

- ONPOOL6B, Introduction to Intellectual Property Law

- OTMEVAL0037, International Trade Law

- Nordic Intellectual Property Law (NIP) Moot Court Competition

- ONPOOL6E, Oikeustapausseminaarit "Case Clinics"

- ONPOOL15C, Kauppa- ja varallisuusoikeuden notaariseminaari (with Halonen)

- OTM0013D Projektiopinnot, Kauppaoikeus- Track on Intellectual Property (IP) Law

Leadership in research work

Rosa is currently a PI of a multidisciplinary Consortium project in the field of industrial internet (“Future Regulation of Industrial Internet – FRII”, financed by TEKES). She is also sub-project leader of a Consortium on IPR and 3D printing led by the University of Bournemouth/Prof. Dinusha Mendis ("Study on the Intellectual Property Implications of the Development of Industrial 3D Printing", financed by the EU Commission/DG GROW).

Previously, she has been a researcher in the project “Innovatiiviset menettelyt biotalouden ja puhtaiden ratkaisujen hankinnoissa - "Innovative procedures for the bio-economy and solutions for public procurement”, 2017-2018 (financed by the Finnish Goverment); the PI in the multidisciplinary Consortium project “Additive Manufacturing and Innovation: Technical, Economic, Legal, and Policy Related Aspects of Rising Technologies - AdManI”, 2015/2017 (financed by TEKES); the project manager in the project “Linking European and Asian Academic Networks – Sharing Excellence in IP (LEAN-IP)”, 2015/2017 (financed by CIMO); the main post-doc researcher in the project “The Inner and Outer Limits of Patent Protection (PatLim)”, 2012/2016 (financed by the Academy of Finland); a post-doc in the project “Legal Transplant for Innovation and Creativity: A Sino-Finnish Comparative Study on the Governance of Intellectual Property Rights (TranSIP)”, 2015/2016 (financed by the Academy of Finland); and a doctoral researcher in the graduate school "The Innovation Incentives and the Regulatory Infrastructure (INNOCENT)", 2007/2012 (financed by the Academy of Finland).

Supervision of post-doc researchers

- Second supervisor of Mr. Emmanuel Salami (Thesis topic: "Data Protection and Intellectual Property Law Regulation for Autonomous Vehicles in the EU"), 2018 -

- Second supervisor of Mrs. Nayak Anuradha (Thesis topic: "Posthuman and Other-ness in Law"), 2018 -

- Member of the Board of the doctoral program Culture-based Service Design (KUPAMU) at University of Lapland, 2017 -

- Providing supervision to PhD students and senior researchers working in the AdManI and FRII Consortium projects

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