Nuccio Mazzullo

Senior Researcher


  1. 2019
  2. Empowerment and continuity in Sámi reindeer herding in Finnish Upper Lapland

    Nuccio Mazzullo (Speaker) & Hannah Strauss-Mazzullo (Speaker)

    17 Apr 2019

    Activity: PresentationConference presentation

  3. “Cows as reindeer”- an interdisciplinary account of human-animal adaptation to the Arctic North

    Nuccio Mazzullo (Speaker) & Päivi Soppela (Contributor)

    13 Mar 2019

    Activity: PresentationConference presentation

  4. 2018
  5. Art, Craft, and the Sámi. Reflections on Sámi Duodji in Kautokeino through an apprenticeship experience.

    Nuccio Mazzullo (Opponent)

    31 Aug 2018

    Activity: Evaluation, assessment or examinationPre-examination of dissertation, acting as opponent to a doctoral student, member of dissertaton committee

  6. 2017
  7. Folk strategies and state politics: The cow that almost disappeared

    Päivi Soppela (Speaker) & Nuccio Mazzullo (Contributor)

    11 Sep 2017

    Activity: PresentationConference presentation

  8. 2016
  9. Human-animal adaptations to the Arctic environment: natural and folk selection practices – A Lapland view.

    Päivi Soppela (Speaker), Juha Kantanen (Contributor), Florian Stammler (Contributor), Nuccio Mazzullo (Contributor), Anna Stammler-Gossmann (Contributor), Nasser Ghanem (Contributor), Jaana Peippo (Contributor), Tiina Reilas (Contributor), Ilma Tapio (Contributor) & Mervi Honkatukia (Contributor)

    6 Oct 20168 Oct 2016

    Activity: PresentationConference presentation

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