Mikko Lindroos

Field of science


  • welfare law, social law, administrative law

Research interests

My PhD research concerns about social rights among welfare law. In the society, where the financial resources are limited, the greatest question about social justice arise on how do we distribute the welfare among the people. Above all, it is a political decision to decide about social rights. Moreover, there’s connected strong legal consideration. My research is about this legal aspect on the view of human and fundamental rights. What are the fundamental social rights that has to be primarily protected?  Can we restrict those social rights that already are acquired or what kind of obligations can be enacted for the beneficiary to obtain social rights? In my thesis these legal boundaries and other factors that direct the law making policy are reviewed. Moreover, I work in the Faculty of Law also in educational assignments and as a researcher in projects especially in governmental law, labour law and social law.

ID: 2876816