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  • Information technology

Research interests

Dr. Mika-Petri Laakkonen currently acts as visiting professor at the UPMC (University of Pierre et Marie Curie) in Paris, the academic year 2018 ­— 2019. Laakkonen has extensive domestic and international research networks in the field of information and communication technologies in Europe as well as strong evidence of acquiring competitive research funding. He has led several national and international research projects, including the Design in Smart Mobility Business Services project, which is the new social informatics research opening at the University of Lapland

His research field of applied information technology is strongly associated with new technologies, such as artificial intelligent, blockchains and biometric identification, technological innovations and future studies. Dr. Laakkonen’s research team at the University of Lapland explores process-oriented thinking models to understand complex representations of information systems in society. His current key research interests are the probabilistic algorithms in deep learning artificial intelligence networks organising mobility, time and the future in the context of multinational companies and Arctic governance. He is editor of book series called Philosophy of Information Technology.    

Laakkonen has worked in several demanding expert positions: as a member of the National Auditing team at the University of the Arts Helsinki, independent expert of European Commission's Directorate of Research and Innovation (Information and communication technology, telecommunications and content), the IAMCR International Conference research papers evaluator, as a methodologist at the National Doctoral School of Audio visual Media.

Dr. Mika-Petri Laakkonen

Research Director at University of Lapland (Visiting professor in UPMC 1.9.2018 – 31.12.2019)

e-mail: mika-petri.laakkonen@ulapland.fi

+358 40 5086832

ID: 321094