Melanie Sarantou

Field of science

Research interests

I currently work as a post-doctorate researcher for the Profiling Area 2 Project for Arctic Art and Design at the University of Lapland where I coordinate the Arctic Design Lab for the DESIS Network. I am a member of the Service Design Research Group of the University of Lapland. My current research focuses on social design and arts-based research in marginalised communities. Additional roles include HDR student supervision in Service Design. In my previous post-doctorate research project, Margin to Margin, I engaged in an international research and art collaboration between artist communities of Murmansk in Russia, Rovaniemi in Finland and Port Augusta in Australia. The goal of the project is to study how art empowers women living in marginal conditions. The research and art explores concepts of marginality, which in this project is defined by conditions of isolation and migration, emphasised by the geography of the project in the arctic and far south. My first two degrees I obtained was in Fashion Design, which remains my passion, yet I now view fashion through the lens of community-based research and art.

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