Marjo Outila

PhD Candidate


  1. AgeSam - aging and demographic changes in late modern society

    Outila, M., Skaffari, P. & Zechner, M.

    Euroopan komissio / European Commission


    Project: Co-funded project

  2. A well-functioning home care to Lapland - Diverse forms of support to living at home

    Outila, M. & Valokivi, H.

    Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö


    Project: Co-funded project

  3. Multidisciplinary Expertise for Social and Health Care Professionals

    Hautala, S., Outila, M., Zechner, M. & Leinonen, J.

    Euroopan sosiaalirahasto ESR / European Social Fund ESF


    Project: Co-funded project

  4. SOSNET: koulutusyhteistyö

    Pohjola, A., Outila, M., Hautala, S., Päykkönen, K. & Tuohino, N.

    University of Jyväskylä


    Project: Co-funded project

ID: 319629