Mari Kuoppamaa

Senior Researcher

Field of science


  • palaeoecology, pollen, coprophilous fungal spore, landuse, vegetation, reindeer

Research interests

Mari Kuoppamaa (née. Hagberg) has a PhD in Quaternary geology from 2009. She did her thesis "Characteristics of the temporal, spatial and taxonomic resolution of palynological data from the northern boreal forest of Finnish Lapland" in the University of Oulu, and used palynological methods, GIS and modeling techniques to investigate the vegetation changes in northern Finland caused by the changes in land-use and climate conditions.

Mari is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in the RISES (Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems of Northwest Eurasia) and HUMANOR (HUMan-ANimal Relations Under Climate Change in NORthern Eurasia) projects. Her work in the projects consists of the palynological and coprophilous fungal spore investigations of the social-ecological systems in Yamal, Mongolia, and Northern Fennoscandia, where reindeer herders and pastoralists have used the landscape in different ways through the past 15 centuries, and linking the palaeoecological data with the oral histories and archaeological data from each research area.

ID: 320421