Lukas Allemann

Postdoc researcher

Other field of science


  • Arctic Anthropology, Oral History, History

Research interests

Lukas Allemann has been working since 2013 in the anthropology research team at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland. He holds a Master’s degree in Eastern European history and Russian studies from the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Allemann specialises in historical anthropology and indigenous issues in the Russian North. He has been doing extensive fieldwork on the Kola Peninsula (Northwest Russia) since 2008 with regular visits to the field. His main research area is about the consequences of Soviet policies towards its indigenous minorities, based on oral history interviewing and participant observation work among indigenous Saami people as well as non-indigenous local actors.

Since 2018, a second strand of research has been anthropological inquiry into young peoples’ aspirations and well-being in Arctic single-industry towns in Russia. In all of his research, Allemann puts an emphasis on long-term field commitment, including bringing back research results to the communities they stem from.

ID: 322120