Jörn Severidt

Field of science

Teaching interests

As a teacher of Intercultural Communication, I am interested in cultural differences, and the difficulties they create in all kinds of contexts. Successful intercultural communication is not based on following a fixed set of rules (Do’s and Don’ts), but on an ever-growing sensitivity for both our own, and our partners’ “collective programming of the mind”, to quote Geert Hofstede’s now famous definition of culture.

As a lecturer in German language and culture, I am particularly interested in using university teaching as a springboard for extracurricular learning. I see a strong link between language and culture, and feel that a prolonged stay in a German-speaking country is the only path to acquiring top-level language and culture skills.

Research interests

I am interested in how unconscious expectations lead to a failure to communicate (effectively) in a multicultural context.

ID: 322010