Ilona Mettiäinen

PhD Candidate

Other field of science


  • climate change adaptation, strategic planning, sustainable regional development, collaborative planning, arctic tourism, impacts assessment and evaluation research, sustainable tourism, geoengineering, co-production of knowledge, public engagement, science-policy interface, science communications, visualisation of social science, exhibition, polar bear, Arctic, social sustainability, expedition

Research interests

Doctoral dissertation: Co-production of knowledge for strategic adaptation to climate change on subnational level in the Arctic. The focus of my doctoral research is on regional level proactive, planned adaptation to climate change: the ways in which the regional socio-economic and cultural impacts of climate change are identified within the strategic planning process. The empirical case study of my dissertation is on the collaborative planning process of the regional climate change strategy of Finnish Lapland (2010-2012). Moreover, I have contributed to the Barents Euro-Arctic Council’s work for regional climate strategies for the Barents member regions in 2012-2016. 

Other research interests include strategic planning, collaborative planning methods, science-policy interface and co-production of knowledge, geoengineering, science communications and visualization of social science by artistic methods, sustainable Arctic tourism, sustainable regional development in the Arctic

ID: 321281