Alf Josefsen

PhD Candidate

Field of science

Other field of science


  • public management, administrative law, project management, marine technology, mechanical engineering

Research interests

Alf Xabier Josefsen is a Doctor in Administrative Science candidate at the University of Lapland. Josefsen has benefited the maritime industry using his engineering experience, acquired over years of service in the marine and offshore industry, combined with advanced research in structures and hydrodynamics, undertaking the same use of the most relevant and updated Rules. As a legal-project manager, Josefsen has been active around the world, taking his cutting edge ideas to different projects based on business life. At the EU and international level, he has researched Contract Management and Public Procurement solutions to increase control and improve performance. 

Josefsen's research at the University of Lapland scrutinizes the roles of Public Procurement and its Contract management. He found that there is an intrinsic bias due to over-reliance on procurement managers and their tendency to focus on attributes and the direction on operational decision making rather than on public procurement strategy. His research suggests the need for a greater understanding of engagement in public procurement strategy and management and the necessity for greater triangulation in public procurement research.

Josefsen contends that although the existing controls are essential but insufficient to respond to all the questions that the Public Apparatus must provide assurance on the matter. He asserts that the anticipation of the risks in regulatory and management will optimize the contracting system to reduce its acts of corruption. Josefsen reveals that the usual controls apply in public procurement systems must be accompanied by other types of measurements, which cover not only legal aspects but also of the internal management system and official behaviors.

Josefsen is part of the Research group on Professions in Arctic Societies (ProSoc).

ID: 6477664