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The aim of the Designed Society (DeSo) research network  is to bring together researchers from the fields of cultural sociology, arts and design and to develop multidisciplinary methodological innovations and theories as well as practical tools for the material culture research. 

 When artifacts, services and spatial settings are designed, social relations, possibilities for action as well as ways of thinking and talking are simultaneously also being shaped. Thus to design means to rearrange relations between humans, visions, places and things and when things are designed we create new ensembles and shape each of the constituent actors.

 The DeSo network was established in 2011 out of realization that The University of Lapland offers a unique combination of academic expertise on material culture studies in Finland since it is the only University offering institutionalized opportunities to combine sociological concepts and theories and design knowledge and practice. 

DeSo network promotes interdisciplinary co-operation and discussion among its members by organizing joint seminars and workshops.

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