By Your Side

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There are times when there is no doubt that being by someone’s side is the most important thing to do in one’s life. Our eldest daughter came, at the age of 25, back to her childhood home for her terminal care after having had cancer for four years. She returned on 6th of October 2017 from Helsinki to Lapland, first to stay in a hospital, but soon, just after few days, to home.

There are times when there is no doubt that being by side of something is the most important source for energy in one’s life. The river Kemijoki that flows by my home village has been a faithful friend always supporting me. When I am weak, walking by the riverside gives me strength.

I took the first photograph of the series in the evening 6th of October 2017. On my nearly daily walks by the riverside I started to take photos of the view that is always almost the same but ever changing. Like life.

My walks became shorter the less days my daughter had left. She passed away on 6th of January 2018. The river keeps on flowing.


Media name/outletKide 1/2019, s.6
PersonsSeija Ulkuniemi

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